Thursday, 23 December 2010

Adessi 10:10 - A Very Green Christmas

It is difficult to forget about our green pledges and 10:10 activity at this time of year, the snow and ice outside makes it ever so tempting to turn the heating on full blast all day long, and the importance placed on presents and cards mean we buy (and often forget to recycle) tons of wrapping paper and cards.

However, Children's ITV have taken full advantage of the excitement of Santa visiting to teach children about green issues. The site 'Mission Green Santa' is a fun and interactive website which runs alongside a TV programme for 5-11 year olds. Kids are encouraged to make daily, monthly and yearly pledges to help stop Santa's runway from melting. The pledges range from 'Have a shower instead of a bath' to 'Have a big chat with your family about how you can save energy' and 'Ask your parents to help you grow your own veg'. By making pledges children can earn 'greenies' which they can spend in the virtual shop on green items to help the elves and Santa. I think this is a fantastic idea, as it makes being green and saving energy really fun for kids, and it will also result in a strong emotional reaction because every kid wants to make sure Santa can bring them their presents on Christmas day!

A way of being green for us adults this Christmas is recycling Christmas cards, it can be so tempting just to throw them all away with the huge amount of Christmas rubbish, but this year it is easier than ever! The Woodland Trust are looking for you to recycle your Christmas cards so they can plant more trees. Recycle your cards this January in special bins in TK Maxx, M&S and HomeSense stores and the stores will donate money to the Woodland Trust which we will use for planting trees.

Happy Christmas Everyone!

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