Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Adessi 10:10 - Recycling on the Rise

Last week, Defra revealed that 40% of rubbish was recycled during the 12 months before June 2010, which is a 0.4% rise on the year before March 2010, and although this rise is small, it indicates 2.3% less waste.

How much do you recycle?

Websites such as www.recyclethis.co.uk give lots of tips and advice for reusing and recycling, and even offer help with reducing how much power you use. At Adessi we are all doing our bit to recycle all our paper, crisp packets and plastic bottles, but I think the focus should not only be on recyling, but reducing and reusing too.

If you have any tips for reducing and reusing in an office we would love to hear them!

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