Monday, 22 November 2010

Adessi 10:10 - Lighter Later Update

I went to see my local MP (Stuart Andrew) last week to discuss the Lighter Later campaign and ask him to vote for the Daylight Savings Bill.  However, he wont be in Parliament on the day that the bill is being heard so wont be able to vote on it, unfortunately. 

In my opinion it seemed that his views on the subject were a little misguided to me but he said he agreed in principle for a trial if it gets to the next stage of voting.  I left him some additional information from the handy lobbying kit from 10:10 which can be downloaded here. I’d urge everyone to read the lobby kit, it only takes 2 minutes and is really interesting.  

Who else is going to go and see their MP?  

Give it a try - it will only take you ten minutes and you could be part of something really important.

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