Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Adessi 10:10 - Tell Mexico not to make the same mistakes...

Yesterday, Monday 29th November, global climate talks started in Cancun, Mexico and Friends of the Earth are urging us to send a clear message to the leader of the talks not to repeat the mistakes made in Copenhagen.

The last round of talks in Copenhagen attracted over 100 world leaders to discuss global climate change, however, only 25 are expected to attened the talks over the next two weeks as it is being described as a 'stepping stone' to a global deal, and not a situation where heads of state must be present. This may not come as a surprise to anyone who remembers the disappointing end to the talks in Copenhagen, where many countries dismissed the agreed climate change deal. The talks in Cancun are expected to cover funds, approaches to preserve rainforests and formalise targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and are being led by Patricia Espinosa, Mexico’s Foreign Minister.

Friends of the Earth are encouraging us to contact Minister Espinosa to express our concerns that Cancun should be productive, fair and open, and have offered a draft message on their website for us to send to the Minister.

This is something Jude has been encouraging us all to do here at Adessi as it is very important that these global climate change talks are successful. It's hard to think about global warming while it's snowing outside across most of the UK, but (as Jude taught us this morning) the warmer climate will actually work to cool the UK down as the polar ice caps will melt into gulf stream, and the gulf stream from the Caribbean keeps our isle warm.

So, if you're thinking about climate change and what should be done to combat it then maybe start by sending a message to Patricia Espinosa, and hopefully the Cancun climate talks will be a success.

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