Monday, 1 November 2010

Adessi 10:10 - Our September Readings

Well done Adessi Leeds and Newcastle! Excellent news that we are well on target in all areas! 

Leeds’ Gas readings for July and August were just estimations but the September reading is an actual reading and it shows that we’ve beaten the monthly target.

Our Average monthly targets are as follows:

Electricity (Total): 2441 KwH
Electricity (Newcastle): 1821 KwH
Electricity (Leeds): 0619 KwH
Gas (Leeds): 1172 KwH

And the figures from September are:
Electricity (Total): 
September 2010: 2286 KwH

Electricity (Newcastle)          

September 2010: 1716 KwH
Electricity (Leeds)                 
September 2010: 0570 KwH 
Gas (Leeds)                             
September 2010: 0880 KwH         

Well done Adessi!

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