Monday, 25 October 2010

Adessi 10:10 - A Celebration of Apples

Faced with a glut of apples on the allotment my mates and I decided to make some apple juice...  

We borrowed a press, collected a load of apples, blasted them in the food processor and then pressed them to make the most amazing tasting apple juice I have ever tasted, move over Mr Del Monte!

Anyway... as it won't last long in it's raw untreated form we thought we should preserve it.  

Unfortunately, the only easy way to do this is to make it into alcoholic cider, it's a shame I know but it's the only option we had.  So, we whacked it in a couple of demijohns and now have 2 gallons of cider on the go. Apparently it only takes a few days to brew and then you need to leave it for a few weeks before you drink it. How alcoholic will it be is anyone's guess but I'll  let you know in a few weeks!

Jude aka "old scrumpy"

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