Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Adessi 10:10:10 - An Update From Jude

So I’ve been riding my bike to work religiously since I pledged to a few months back and I've only brought my car in to work three times.

I’ve seen rain, well, I’ve done it in just about every weather imaginable! I’ve found three different routes, one very busy with some uphill, downhill and flat bits, one with some off-road tracks and no cars and one that’s all downhill in the morning and all uphill in the evening.  I’ve settled on the last one because it’s quieter than the others so there is less chance of me getting hit by a car! I’ve had road rage, been almost knocked off by a white van and annoyed a few bus drivers and I’ve learned that people often don’t see you if you are on a bike so you have to be very careful!

Overall, I am actually enjoying it.  I feel much fitter, healthier, have more money in my pocket and feel good about not driving everywhere.  I wish I’d started years ago!  Things may get a bit more interesting once the winter weather sets in though...

I also pledged to stop buying fruit and vegetables from far flung places.

This one has actually been more difficult than I thought it would, the reason being apples!!!!  I love Braeburns and have not managed to find something quite as nice that comes from the UK (Braeburns come from New Zealand).  I am pleased to say that my family’s first year with an allotment has been a great success, we grew enough Garlic for at least 6 months, a couple of month’s worth of Potatoes, haven’t bought Tomatoes since late June, no Lettuce since May and had tons of beans, courgettes and strawberries.  We’ve decreased our weekly food bill by quite a chunk and enjoyed it too.  All the stuff we have grown tastes much nicer than the stuff from the supermarket and has a bit more character!  We are just about to start harvesting the Brassicas and are looking forward the trying the Cauliflowers, Broccoli and Red Cabbage. 

Now I just need to find some more interesting varieties of Apples from England… any suggestions?

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