Sunday, 10 October 2010

Adessi 10:10:10 - Top Tips

1. Print Less
At Adessi we have been making a huge effort to reduce our printing - this should always be your first action as an office. In addition, try to print double sided and on scrap paper. As a business it is difficult to cut printing completely, but these few changes can really reduce the paper you use and the energy used by the printer.

2. Cut Down Mileage
Driving less is a key part of trying to cut your carbon footprint. At Adessi we've been trying different ways of getting to work, some like Jude and Mark have cycled, others like Laura have used public transport, but everybody has tried to cut down how much they are driving. We've also been cutting the number of trips between Newcastle and Leeds and trying to use the train more when possible.

3. Recycle, Recycle, Recycle
We've been recycling as many different things as we can and we collect all our paper as well as ink cartridges and crisp packets! Although you should always aim to reduce, reuse and then recycle, as a business it is difficult to reduce everyone's consumption, so by providing a way to recycle many everyday items and materials it makes it easier for everyone, and makes them more likely to recycle!

4. Turning Everything Off
Both Adessi offices are being very careful about making sure their plugs are turned off, as well as all electrical equipment, lights and the heating. Before we leave the offices all plugs are turned off to save as much electricity as possible, and even when we're out at meetings, we make sure to shut down our computer, or at least switch off the monitor.

5. Going Hot And Cold
The Adessi Leeds office's heating is Gas, so we've been trying to cut down how much the heating is on. I think we all know this summer has been pretty chilly so it has been coming on quite early this year but we've all made an extra effort to wear more layers instead of having the heating on all day. Plus, we've also been trying to find out the best way to add insulation to a building.

6. Change The Way You Eat
Many people at Adessi made personal pledges to bring a packed lunch into work instead of buying lunch every day. Not only does this benefit us by saving money, it also benefits our 10:10 campaign because a lot of Adessi staff drove to get their lunch (naughty!) and therefore it cuts our mileage too. Others have tried to cut down on the amount of meat they eat to help the environment or bought their produce locally instead of from the supermarket and far flung places!

7. Water Saving
I think one thing about Adessi that is obvious to anyone is that we all like a cuppa, so in both offices we've been making a tea or coffee for as many people at once to make sure the kettle isn't being boiled multiple unnecessary times. We've also been careful with our water bottles, with many of us reusing our bottles as much as possible, and others just drinking tap water from glasses!

8. Have Fun
Whether it be through planting seeds, baking cakes or cycling, you can have a lot of fun while saving energy. Some people think it's really difficult to save energy and reduce a carbon footprint, but by making it enjoyable it becomes a lot more desireable for everyone to join and do their bit.

9. Make It Personal
We've all encouraged all staff to make pledges for reducing energy at the office and at home, and by getting people to think about their carbon footprint personally it's encouraged a lot of us to recycle more and be more careful with electricity and heating!

10. Encourage Everyone!!!
What is the point in joining a national campaign if you don't talk about it? That's why we started this blog, to let everyone know how we're doing, what we're doing and how we want to improve!

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