Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Adessi 10:10:10 - An Update From Hayley

On Sunday, 10:10:10, I decided to do three little things to be a bit more green – one for each of the 10s.
First up was not driving my car. I walked a whole mile to and from my friend’s house, which I actually quite enjoyed as the sun was shining and I had my favourite pop megamix blasting in my ears.

Secondly, I managed to persuade my family to have a Sunday dinner without the usual oversized joint of roast beef. It was a bit weird, more like a vegetable stew stuffed Yorkshire pudding, but I did feel quite good about myself for eating less meat.

Finally, I did a massive clearout of my wardrobe and stuffed two charity bags full of clothes, shoes and handbags. I didn’t wear half of the stuff that was in there, which was all practically new and instead of throwing it all away, I felt so much better knowing that they would go to a nice new home.

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