Friday, 15 October 2010

Adessi 10:10:10 - An Update From Mark

I started with great enthusiasm and cycled to work each week at least once for the first 4 weeks. In the last couple of weeks a mixture of a cold, horrible weather and inhospitable clients who require me to visit them, have hampered my efforts but I still keep the faith, that I will be able to do this more frequently.

Throughout September, the top floor of the Newcastle office operated daily with no use of any lighting, with the exception of one client meeting. Everyone on the top floor supported the effort, and in real terms this meant we saved on average 9 full spot lights being on 9 hours a day for 20 days on average. This equates to a total light saving of over 1,000 hours of a very environmentally unfriendly light being switched off. Aston even bought a rubbish solar powered desk lamp from Ikea, which has made us all laugh.

At home I am definitely making much greater efforts to recycle, and have noticed just how much packaging we seem to get on our weekly shop, and even started at looking at buying products which are less wasteful in terms of unnecessary packaging.

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