Thursday, 14 October 2010

Adessi 10:10:10 - An Update from Alex D

Alongside my original 10:10 pledges to recycle more and to lower the amount of energy I use I have also been encouraging all my colleagues at Adessi and my family to recycle their crisp, chewing gum and chocolate bar wrappers. We’re a few weeks in now and we’re doing pretty well.

Instead of just throwing our wrappers away as they are not widely recyclable we are collecting them so we can send them on to the Philippine Community Fund.

On arrival at the charity the packets are shipped to the Philippines (on a boat that’s already going) and they are woven into purses and handbags.

The best part of this scheme means that the women who work in the factories can send their children to school – previously they would have to scavenge off landfill sites.

So not only are we reducing the amount of waste being sent to landfill sites but we are also helping families in the Philippines so their children can attend school and boost their education.  

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