Monday, 16 August 2010

Adessi 10:10 - Green Government

On only his third day in goverment David Cameron pledged to cut the government's energy use by 10% and declared his government "the greenest ever". At Adessi we are hugely dedicated to cutting our carbon footprint, and it seems the government is too, as they have asked top high street names such as Tesco, Marks and Spencer and HSBC to advise them on the best ways of cutting energy.

Some examples of the easiest ways they are cutting energy are motion sensors in offices so lights go out when noone is there, and organising energy saving competitions between departments. At Adessi, we have tried to encourage everyone to think green by making pledges which are displayed in the office, and by using this blog to chart our progress. If we know as a company we're cutting our energy usage every month, it should encourage us to carry on going, as we know this isn't a short term project, it really is for life.

The Energy Event being held in Birmingham on the 8-9th September will be holding seminars such as 'Implementing Initiatives: Costs and benefits of carbon reduction programmes', to encourage businesses to cut their carbon footprint in 2010, which we are definitely supportive of. Our client Bergen Energi will be appearing at the exhibition and their energy experts will be offering the best advice to businesses on how to deal with the coming challenges of environmental issues and the high cost of energy.

At Adessi we're trying to make cutting energy as fun as we can, although we are focussing on the important tasks of cutting our mileage and electricity use, we're also trying to think of other ways to save. We don't think being green means being boring, we're getting to paint walls and eat chocolate cakes! I wonder if the government will be painting trees in Parliament...

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