Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Adessi 10:10 - Lighter Later

As part of the Adessi 10:10 campaign across the Leeds and Newcastle offices we are encouraging our employees and clients to sign the Lighter Later petition. Basically, they want to shift the clocks forward by one hour throughout the year, resulting in more people being awake for the sun shining!

Not only will it be nice to have more sunshine in the evenings after work, the idea has the potential to cut at least 447,000 tonnes of CO2 pollution each year, which is the equivalent to more than 50,000 cars driving all the way around the world! At the moment, especially in winter, lights are switched on very early in the evening, so as well as cutting carbon emissions; it would also lower electricity bills.

As well as these great benefits to the environment, adding an extra hour of daylight to our evenings also has the potential to increase road safety and could save 100 lives per year, and save the NHS £138 million a year through reducing road casualties.

All these reasons and more for signing the petition can be found here. At the moment, the Lighter Later bill is due to be debated by MPs in early December, so get on Facebook and Twitter to spread the word! 
You can find out more information about the campaign and sign the petition to shift the clocks forward by an hour at


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