Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Adessi 10:10 - Not So Green Government...

After I blogged about how the government is getting green advice from high street names involved with the 10:10 initiative, Jude saw this article on the guardian website...

I think I blogged too soon about a green government.

Throughout the election, and as the opposition both the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats were both very supportive of bringing in an "environmental performance standard" (EPS) which in it's simplest terms would cut greenhouse gas emissions.

However, this proposal is not going to be included in the coalition government's first energy bill, and understandably Green campaigners are outraged. Although they are saying it will be discussed in autumn, many campaigners are worried that coal-fired power stations are going to slip through the net and be built this year. Companies are already coming forward with plans to build new plants, and I don't see how the government can ignore them.

With Cameron declaring this coalition government to be the greenest ever and getting a lot of advice on how to save energy, it seems utterly bizarre that they can shelve the EPS plan. All it appears to come down to is money, and although that is one of the huge benefits of cutting your energy use, it can't be all you're focused on. To me, Cameron and Clegg are using the facade of being a 'Green Government' whilst not being bothered about green issues, energy or climate change.


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