Friday, 24 September 2010

Adessi 10:10 - Bubbles From the Tap

At Adessi, I don't think I'm the only one to consider how much bottled water I drink since we joined the 10:10 initiative. In 2009  the sales of bottled water in the UK grew by 1.4% despite the recession and people being more environmentally aware.

This week, Paris has unveiled a brand new water fountain, which serves both still and sparkling water! With even sparkling water being available from a tap, does this signal the end of bottled water? The fountain provides still water, chilled tap water and sparkling tap water, which is made by injecting carbon dioxide into the tap water before it is chilled.

I've been really good and haven't bought any water bottles in weeks, and have been reusing them every day at work...until today! I've left my water bottle at home, and even though I was tempted, I didn't buy another one on my way to work.

Do you think water fountains like these should be rolled out in England? I think they should be in city centres, parks, schools and workplaces - as anything that encourages people to drink tap water instead of bottled should be a priority for our new 'greener' government. In my opinion, if the water fountains did not include sparkling water they would still be beneficial, and would hopefully encourage people to refill and reuse rather than buy new.

You can read about the new water fountains here and here.

What are your thoughts?


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