Thursday, 23 September 2010

Adessi 10:10 - Watching Our Wasteline

Did anyone see the ‘Great British Waste Menu’ on BBC1 a few weeks ago? It was highlighting the amount of perfectly edible food that’s discarded and wasted because it doesn’t conform to certain preconceived standards we have. 

The average family wastes around £700 worth of food a year, and restaurants, supermarkets and farms are even bigger culprits. It seems that if a tomato isn’t a perfect round snooker ball shape and a courgette isn’t between 17 - 21cm long, it isn’t worth eating! Have the supermarkets even asked us if we mind a not so aesthetically pleasing knobbly carrot or oversized courgette? Instead, they seem to make the decision to bin vast quantities of produce that doesn’t quite make the grade.

The programme followed top chefs sourcing ingredients which were to be thrown away and cooked up a 3 course banquet for 60 VIPs. The least attractive course was pig’s head ravioli, but all courses were well received by guests and critics and demonstrated a very good point that excellent-tasting food can come from less than perfect produce.

Here is the link to the programme page if you want to read more

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