Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Adessi 10:10 - Green Tea

It can sometimes take a couple of cuppas to get moving in the morning - which means the kettle is working overtime as people make their own brews. 

However, did you know that on average it takes the same amount of energy to boil one litre of water as it does to run a fridge for seven hours? With six caffeine addicts on the first floor of Adessi Newcastle, that's potentially adding up to some serious wattage.
So we are taking our green crusade one cuppa at a time, and coordinating our collective caffeine cravings. This reduces the amount of energy used by the kettle by boiling a lot of water once, rather than a little bit six times. And, if you happen to be making a round in the Adessi kitchen, please remember that a blue light is not green light and leave the kettle off the stand when you aren’t using it.

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