Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Adessi 10:10 - Our Progress So Far...

We’ve recently received estimations for the electricity and gas use for both the Adessi Leeds and the Adessi Newcastle offices for July and August and we’re excited to say its good news!

From September onwards we will be receiving actual readings instead of averages, which will definitely help us to understand how we’re comparing to last year, but so far, we seem to be doing well.

Our Average monthly targets are as follows:

Electricity (Newcastle): 1821 KwH
Electricity (Leeds): 0619 KwH
Gas (Leeds): 1172 KwH

And the figures from July and August are (drum roll please):

Electricity (Newcastle)          
July 2010: 1822 KwH         
August 2010: Not available
Electricity (Leeds)                 
July 2010: 0665 KwH         
August 2010: 0655 KwH
Gas (Leeds)                            
July 2010: 0397 KwH         
August 2010: 0397 KwH

Hopefully we’ll have the electricity figures for Newcastle soon but we are very close to achieving our electricity target to ensure we achieve our 10% reduction, judging by July’s reading. However, these are summer months and our concern is that these readings should be even lower than the average target, with the winter months being higher. Meaning we need to keep pushing to cut electricity consumption even further.

In Leeds the gas results are excellent and we are well on our way to achieving our 10% target, but again, the heating hasn’t been on much throughout the summer. The average readings for electricity unfortunately may hide what is happening in Leeds, and we’re hoping that with actual readings being available for September we should see a bigger reduction.

Overall, we’re really happy, and feel that Adessi’s 10:10 campaign has started off really well and further to our gas and electricity use, our overall mileage as a company is down, which is great news.

Keep following this blog for our progress over the coming months!

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